quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

Where is My Love?

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  1. «(...)
    Listen to me, don’t walk that street
    There’s always an end to it
    Come and be free, you know who I am
    We’re just living people

    We won’t have a thing
    So we’ve got nothing to lose
    We can all be free
    Maybe not with words
    Maybe not with a look
    But with your mind
    (...)» [*]

    Cha(rly)n (Marie) Marshall (conterrânea de Kristin Hersh)! Feliz aniversário, miúda!

  2. Desarma-me a voz da Charlyn...
    Torna-me vulnerável,
    (h)à ternura.

    Parabéns,Chan. *


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